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Indoor Tennis Courts, Outstanding Benefits for Sioux Falls, South Dakota

About CITC

Get Sioux Falls in the game
tennis, a lifetime sport

The Mission

The Mission of the Community Indoor Tennis Center is to create a facility for the Sioux Falls community and surrounding areas that will support all tennis opportunities, whether competitive, recreational or educational, for all players according to all protections afforded by local, state and federal regulations.

The Need

High school tennis lessonsTennis as a sport increased in participation by 9.6% in the past five years with 18.6 million people ages 6 or older playing tennis on a regular basis.

The creation of a publicly accessible indoor tennis facility is needed to serve our residents. This facility will provide a healthy, lifetime activity for everyone regardless of ages, income levels and physical abilities.

Sioux Falls has no indoor public tennis courts. As a result, our public tennis program is available for only 10 weeks each year. The closest public indoor tennis courts are 4 hours from Sioux Falls.




Community Indoor Tennis Center, indoor public tennis

The Plan

The Community Indoor Tennis Center (CITC) will be located on the new Sanford Sports Complex. This land has been donated by Sanford Health, making this community asset much more affordable than a typical project of this scope.


Sioux Falls Tennis Association plans for indoor tennis courts at Sanford Sports Complex 

Facility features

• 49,000 sq. ft. structure
•6 tennis courts
• Classrooms
• Locker rooms
• Social area
• Office
• Bleachers for viewing tournament play

After initial construction cost of $3,800,000 has been raised through a combination of grants, foundations, business and community donations, the CITC will be 100% self-supporting.

The Community Indoor Tennis Center will provide a year-round, high-quality tennis experience for all residents in the Sioux Falls area.


This state-of-the-art facility will make affordable tennis available for virtually everyone in our community, including programs for under-privileged children, area school children, local colleges, adults and senior citizens.

CITC is already building partnerships with the City of Sioux Falls, the Sioux Falls Park and Rec Department, Sanford Health, Sioux Falls Public Schools, Sioux Falls Catholic Schools and South Dakota Activities Association. With support from Sioux Empire United Way's Connecting Kids and Sioux Falls Tennis Association, the CITC will provide scholarships to youth who otherwise could not afford to participate in tennis.




L to R,  Steve Metli, Jerry Nachtigal and Bill Townsend 

CHAMBER LEADERSHIP TEAM:  Steve Landon, Cadwell Sanford Deibert & Gary LLP;  Mark Millage, Kilian Community College; Tom Simmons, Midcontinent Communications;  Carolyn Winchell, Forward Sioux Falls,  

CITC CHAMBER PROJECT MANAGER:  Jennifer Kirby, Community Volunteer

CITC / Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation Liason,  Jen Sohre, Community Volunteer


Lou Bosch,  Cindy Huether,  Matt Johnson,  Mike McInerney,  Keith Thompson,  Mary Thompson,  Bill Townsend


Economic Development

An indoor tennis center will have a Multi-million dollar economic impact
Tennis tournaments held indoors can bring a large economic impact to Sioux Falls


Sports tourism created by the Community Indoor Tennis Center will generate income for our community from jobs and increased tax base to revenue from tournaments, clinics and exhibitions. The growth of tennis will help create a more vibrant economic base for our city.

A Sioux Falls Visitors’ Bureau study estimated an average tennis tournament would bring approximately $300,000 into Sioux Falls.

With additional indoor tennis courts, Sioux Falls would have the opportunity to host high school, college, local, regional and national tournaments that are presently being hosted by other communities.

Visitors to our area from neighboring communities, as well as from around the country, will strengthen our retail, hotel, restaurant and service industries.

Quality of Life

Net gain for Sioux Falls


Tennis creates a better quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

One of the unique attributes of tennis is that it can be enjoyed throughout every stage of life. From young to old, tennis provides a healthy, low-impact exercise option. The CITC is designed to provide affordable access for everyone.

Indoor tennis will also provide another attractive amenity for people and businesses considering relocating to Sioux Falls. While we have one of the country’s best park systems, the growth of year-round recreational facilities is critical to our community’s growth.

Children playing tennis, getting lessons


Serving our entire community